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The GST Bill
The way India does business will change forever after the GST bill is rolled out in July 2017. GST will lead to increased simplification of the tax levy and administration, and increased transparency, which will enable wide compliance and ultimately will unify the country as a single market.
July 20

India’s GST implementation is
expected to bring the unorganized sector under a uniform tax base and improve growth opportunities for the organized sector.

In the long run, this is expected to unburden not only the common man but SMEs as well.


Run Live with SAP

Implementation of GST will lead to 3-5 billion invoice uploads every month. SAP estimates that at least 40% of these will pass through a SAP-enabled system.

This gives SAP a huge responsibility to not just help businesses get compliant with the new law, but also ensure that businesses benefit from the GST vision.

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The Partner Advantage


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Technology will play a pivotal role in the GST roll-out.

SAP is a key enabler of business’ migration towards GST compliance and of the subsequent realization of improved profitability from business core transformation.

GST Reform – A Transformational Opportunity for Businesses in India
GST for Better Business

Enterprises will have an unprecedented opportunity to improve functional efficiencies and realize increased profitability by acting fast and executing on the GST vision by reducing total supply chain costs, while giving their end customers a better experience through fast and on-time delivery.

GST Fact Sheet

Comprehend GST in one glance. A simplified look at the key statistics surrounding GST.