SAP Institute for
Digital Government
Keeping digital government simple for the future


The SAP Institute for Digital Government (SIDG) is a think tank that aims to create value for government by leveraging digital capability to meet the needs of citizens and consumers of government services.

As thought leaders we tackle the complex problems through digital technologies to help keep digital government simple for the future.

Brian Lee-Archer, Director, SAP Institute for Digital Government

Defining digital government

The Institute defines digital government as the production and access to data, services and content, sourced and distributed across the digital ecosystem, to create public value (derived from the OECD definition of digital government).

Our Partners

We are delighted to partner with the SAP Institute for Digital Government on researching important issues relating to use of digital technology in the public sector. We have depth of expertise in data analytics, digital support for decision making and complex service delivery that we will harness for this collaboration with SAP as it works to support the development of digital government processes relating to social protection.

Professor Shirley Gregor, Associate Dean (Research) of the ANU College of Business and Economics

Linking education, social and health outcomes is amongst the highest priorities in innovative research. Predictive analytics are key in this venture. LSIA welcomes the partnership with SAP to generate new knowledge to inform policy and practice for improving the well-being, learning and life chances of young people.

Professor Claire Wyatt-Smith, Director of the Learning Sciences Institute Australia, ACU

It is impressive to see the launch of a think tank with a focus on how digital innovation can transform social protection. Public social services organisations are under continuing pressure to deliver efficient and effective services in rapidly changing social and economic conditions. We look forward to collaborating with the Institute in areas of interest to our broad membership base across Europe.

John Halloran, Chief Executive, ESN, UK

Social security requires increasingly innovative digital solutions to provide effective and quality services to citizens. The ISSA is therefore pleased to be associated with the launch of the SAP Institute for Digital Government and looks forward to collaboration for excellence in the analysis and delivery of social security.

Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, Secretary General, International Social Security Association, Geneva

The NDIA recognises that the SAP Institute for Digital Government will stimulate cross-sectoral collaboration that will yield insights and thought leadership into the spectrum of opportunities and challenges that arise in the digital era. We are very pleased to be recognised as a foundation member of the Institute, and we look forward to collaborating on a broad range of themes.

Marie Johnson, Head of the Technology Authority

April 2016 Stockholm
ISSA Regional Social Security Forum for Europe

Presented on “Enduring innovation in social security.” 

June 2016 The Hague
European Social Services Conference

Participated in the ESN annual conference and ran a workshop on “Dynamic social outcomes through Real-Time Program Evaluation.”

October 2016 Canberra
Government Digital Transformation & Innovation Conference

SIDG Associate Kylie Watson will be speaking on “How to implement successful digital service delivery.” 

November 2016 Panama
ISSA World Social Security Forum

We are looking forward to attending this forum focused on “Transforming lives. Shaping societies.”