Becoming the Intelligent Nation: Reinventing the Government experience to instil trust & prosperity


In today’s digital world, citizens expect Government to be as connected and in the moment as the private sector. Digitalization is the foundation for driving this outcome, enabling a truly citizen-focused government.

Transform government services in the digital era

Discover how digitalization can help governments deliver the best services to safeguard communities, engage with citizens, and help the economy prosper.


The Digital Public Sector Industry: Unlocking New Business Value with Intelligent Technology

Public sector organizations are fundamentally reimagining and transforming all aspects of government.



The Intelligent Enterprise for Public Sector Organisations

In a highly regulated environment, SAP are helping Public Service industries address citizen needs of the future through the Intelligent Enterprise. Brian Roach, Head of Regulated Industries, SAP, quotes; “SAP are the only organisation to provide such a deep level of core business support along with layering intelligence to enhance citizen services.”


Future Cities

Run a clean, safe, and competitive smart city by using cutting-edge technologies to improve citizen services, transportation, and economic prosperity.




Citizen Engagement Study

The expectations on the way citizens engage with governments may set a new paradigm, resulting in a modernised approach to how government  services centre around the needs of the citizen. Explore the SAP Citizen Engagement study to learn more.


How institutions are working with SAP

South Tyrol

How Do You Make Life Easier for Citizens Using Blockchain Technology?

County of Santa Clara

How Does Technology Help to Balance Government Budgets with Responsible Procurement?


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State of Indiana

Learn how the State of Indiana leverages SAP HANA and SAP Lumira to navigate the complexities of running a state government.

Fire & Rescue NSW

Hear how Australia's largest urban fire and rescue service use SAP to better respond to incidents and emergencies in the vast state of NSW.

Christchurch City Council

Explore how Christchurch City Council are moving business processes to the cloud in an attempt to streamline back-office processes and allow integration with tailored omnichannel experiences for its 380,000 citizens. 


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Queensland Office of State Revenue

Hear how Queensland Office of State Revenue is using machine learning to deliver valuable insights into revenue compliance and debt management, predicting taxpayers at risk of not complying with their tax obligations or defaulting on their debt obligations.   


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The Smart City Revolution