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IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Cloud 2017 Predictions

Read about a key set of drivers and predictions relating to cloud computing that IDC believes have the potential to dramatically alter the business ecosystem for the next 12-36 months, including cloud platforms and platform as a service.

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Jump start your digital journey by intelligently connecting people, things, and businesses with a cloud-based platform as a service that’s agile, optimized, and digital. Read the solution brief


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SAP Cloud Platform Customer Success

Jaguar Land Rover

SAP Cloud Platform enables Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) to have a new online booking platform for their Experience Drives. JLR now has deeper insight into transactions and customer behavior, providing valuable insights for creating more appealing offers.

SAP Cloud Platform Customer Round-Up

Take a closer look at four organizations that have successfully built and deployed SAP Cloud Platform applications to meet their growing and evolving needs for increased revenue, extended reach, improved customer interaction, and better efficiency.

MAPAL: Tool data management and IoT

MAPAL has been a leading provider of precision tools for decades. MAPAL turned to SAP Cloud Platform to enable fast, agile application development and beautiful, intuitive native iOS apps that harness the power of the Internet of Things.

Digitizing Cancer Screening Results

Cervical cancer is the second-most common cancer in women living in less developed regions, but in Kenya it is the most common cause of cancer death. The SAP Design & Co-Innovation Center team delivered an SAP Cloud Platform-based screening solution.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT moved an on-premise SAP instance to a managed cloud environment, enabling innovations with SAP Cloud Platform – achieving seamless integration with core SAP and non-SAP applications, as well as flexibility and an enhanced user experience.

ANZ Customer Success

RuralCo Serving the Customer Better with SAP Fiori Cloud

Find out how agribusiness retailing giant Ruralco developed an SAP Fiori Cloud app that makes stocktaking faster and more accurate so that its clerks can give customers highly reliable inventory information.

United Energy Embraces SAP HANA to Improve Data Insights

See how SAP HANA has allowed United Energy to innovate and streamline its IT systems to become more efficient and deliver quicker response times to employees and customers alike.

LaTrobe University Showcase SAP S/4 HANA Simple Finance

La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia) on being SAP's first global customer to Go-Live with SAP S/4 HANA Simple Finance in the Cloud.

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