SAP Integrated Business Planning


Ensure your supply chain continues to deliver with the right cloud planning tools.

Perfectly synchronise your supply chain and customer demand with SAP Integrated Business Planning. Coordinate resources, analyse demand trends, and respond to any scenario with unprecedented agility. SAP Integrated Business Planning gives you the supply chain simplicity, visibility, and control to exceed any customer expectation - no matter how fast or high.

Move faster than demand

Don’t let legacy supply chains slow you down. SAP Integrated Business Planning’s modular solutions bring every supply chain function onto a single cloud platform, giving you and your business the single source of truth for every order. With our world-class data management and analytics at your back, you’ll meet customer expectations head-on with confidence like never before.Tackle any “what if” with next-generation demand planning solutions for sales, operations and inventory management

  • Tackle any “what if” with next-generation demand planning solutions for sales, operations and inventory management
  • Unify departments and supply chain functions with centralised forecasting and demand management capabilities
  • Anticipate demand with the latest predictive analytics tools, powered by SAP HANA’s market-leading data systems
Take your supply chain skyward

Watch how SAP's cloud solutions and Supply Chain Control Tower connect every aspect of your supply chain from demand planning to inventory tracking – leaving siloed operations in the dust.


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Microsoft Customer Stories

SAP IBP for customer fulfillment

Discover how Microsoft brought their complex worldwide supply chain onto the SAP IBP cloud within weeks, radically improving inventory and cash flow while raising customer service responsiveness worldwide.  

SAP IBP and SAP Ariba for end-to-end visibility

Watch how Microsoft executives combined SAP IBP and SAP Ariba to visualise and streamline global product flows – cutting inventory and time spent on-boarding new suppliers to their optimal levels.

Digital cloud solutions for all your supply chain needs
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