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Developing SAP iOS Apps

The SAP Academy for iOS

To complement the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS and SAP Fiori for iOS design language, Apple and SAP are jointly developing the SAP Academy for iOS. This program covers the development process – including basic structure, creative coding, and how to use the code library, and Swift and iOS fundamentals – so you can build next-generation iOS apps faster.

Designers and developers are provided with the knowledge, tools, education and training needed to build a new class of mobile apps that take full advantage of the new SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, the SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Fiori for iOS, Swift, and the latest features of Apple hardware and software.

Explore the Available Courses:

Design-Led Development

Developing apps is more than just coding. It’s about putting the user first, from start to finish. That’s why SAP’s design-led process spans the entire development lifecycle and uses proven design thinking methods to help you create the perfect user experience.



At this early stage, your focus is on understanding your customers, how they work, and what they need. With this information, you can develop initial ideas about how the app might work, map out requirements, and get feedback from your end users.


Once you have the initial results of your discovery activities, you’re ready to start the next phase – the design. Your app should be tailored to the use case you developed in phase one. A first prototype can be validated with your end users.


Development can start once you have finished your initial design. During the development phase, you may still need to change some aspects of your design to incorporate ongoing user feedback to optimize the app, or to allow for technical constraints.


Now that you have coded and delivered your app, you might want to know how it’s doing in the real world – and if the end users are happy. There are various ways to get user feedback, including interviews, site visits, and structured usability tests.

Building for iOS

Native mobile app development serves up better user experiences. Here's why.

Bringing Design into the Business World

Hear SAP’s first chief design officer, Sam Yen, describe how the Apple and SAP partnership will transform the user experience, the developer experience, and the learning experience in our industry.
Explore the SAP Developer Community

Access developer resources and connect and collaborate with your peers in the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS community. 

Get Ready to Build Native iOS Business Apps
Learn all about developing powerful enterprise apps for iPhone and iPad. Explore developer resources and information about the upcoming SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, as well as the SAP Fiori for iOS design language.
Developing for iOS

Start learning about developing for iOS. Apple provides all the tools, resources, and programs you need. Here you’ll find information about Swift, iOS, and the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.


Harnessing SAP Cloud Platform

We’ll release the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS in 2017, but for now you can develop iPhone and iPad apps using SAP Cloud Platform mobile services. Learn more in our tutorial series.    

New SDK for iOS: FAQ

The SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS will be an iOS framework built with Swift, Apple’s modern programming language – and it will leverage the SAP Fiori for iOS design language.


Learn Swift today

Learn more about Swift, Apple’s modern and powerful programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Access all the latest resources to get started with Swift today.