Quickly Create Modern, Mobile SAP Experiences with Prebuilt iOS Solutions
Faster start. Faster ROI.

A modern and mobile SAP experience, made possible by native iOS apps, can dramatically improve productivity, significantly reduce errors, and delight employees and customers with intuitive tools that save time. To help you create these experiences quickly and affordably with proven solutions, Apple and SAP have curated “Fast Start” packages, delivered by select partners. There are currently nine offerings from six partners serving four industries including retail, consumer products, manufacturing and utilities, with more on the way. 
Fast Start packages include:
     • iOS App or reusable app building blocks
     • Documentation of the business process, screen flows, and architecture diagram
     • Accelerators for integration
     • A fixed price for the offering as described
The best run businesses run on SAP and iOS. With Fast Start, now you can run even faster. Learn more below.


Bourne Digital designs and delivers great enterprise user experience for the Asia Pacific region and SAP customers globally. Its focus is leveraging SAP Cloud Platform to provide intuitive native enterprise mobile experiences and industry accelerators for safety, asset maintenance, employee engagement, supply chain optimization and customer experience.


SafeSite is a job and site safety inspections mobile application that eliminates the need for paperwork and transforms the inspection task into three simple digital steps – capturing site images, identifying hazards and risks, and submitting inspections to a central database and publishing reports.



Incture is pioneering the digital revolution with its SAP Cloud Platform applications and supporting the success of 80+ customers across North America, Europe, Middle East and South East Asia.

Proof of Delivery

Proof of Delivery helps organizations manage all aspects of shipping and tracking in real time – driving improved productivity, visibility and cost controls.



Workbox pulls work items from multiple systems and workflows and consolidates them into a single unified workbench allowing users to monitor workloads, track processes, and take actions that drive collaboration and performance. ​



Invokers – a Trifork Group Company – delivers simple, high-performing mobile and web solutions and a user-centric approach to extensions for SAP processes. The company specializes in the entire process from design, to development, to implementation and operations leveraging the SAP Cloud Platform to deliver record ROI and support the digitalized enterprise.

Mobile Inspection Forms

This application provides an end-to-end framework for mobile forms management in SAP environments – including authoring, publishing, and powerful data capture capabilities. Forms are prepopulated based on rules and tasks and delivered to field workers in context of their roles, streamlining the asset inspection process, eliminating human error, and increasing data quality.



Keytree is an international, award-winning business technology consultancy and product developer, creating exceptional Enterprise Digital solutions that allow companies to become leaner, faster and more agile.


KIT helps retailers deliver the best customer experience by harmonizing the digital and in-store experience – giving store associates a unified view of interactions, purchase history, and product availability – ultimately driving more sales, creating customer loyalty, and enhancing brands.


Incident Reporting

In industries where an employee's health and safety are at higher risk, simply being compliant is not enough. Using a simple application, employees can report faults, risks, and incidents as they happen, ensuring instant feedback, accuracy, and quick remediation – going beyond standards and enhancing employee wellbeing, morale, and productivity at the same time.



Transportation Management Driver App

The SAP Transportation Management Driver app automates processes and information drivers need to manage workload, access facilities, and complete their orders all without leaving their trucks – ensuring safe and timely shipments and more efficient and effective processes for drivers and shipping clerks. 



NETCONOMY is a leading partner for digital excellence. Leveraging SAP Customer Experience Suite and SAP Cloud Services, NETCONOMY can create a future-proof platform to deliver an extraordinary customer experience across a number of industries including Retail, Manufacturing, Banking, Finance and Service Industries.

B2B Sales App

The B2B Sales App provides sales managers with real-time product information, customer insights, and marketing data – making the sales process easier and creating new possibilities to deliver personalized experiences and excellent service.


InStore Sales Support

InStore Sales Support provides sales associates with information about the brands they work for, current trends with influencers and celebrities, and available styles that match their customers’ interests, clothing sizes, and preferences – allowing reps to deliver personalized service from entry to the store, to the fitting room, to direct checkout and tag removal.


While all the packages have been inspected carefully by Apple and SAP, neither Apple nor SAP will take liability for the projects the customer contracts directly with the Partner.