Back to Best for Parents

The pandemic changed everything, including how we juggle work and parenting.

That’s why SAP, TIME for Kids, and The Female Founder Collective have joined

forces to help parents chart a new course as we emerge from the pandemic

We get it, you need help
Back to Best for Parents provides special offers, resources, and content to make life easier for parents trying to juggle it all in the tough times of COVID-19.
Wisdom & Wit
These articles, podcasts, and videos offer honest perspectives, useful parenting hacks, and laughs to help get you back above water and at your best.

Family Matters, Part 1: Mothers

Family Matters: Part 2, Fathers and Other Parents

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Celebrating Women by Finding Ways to Improve Life for Working Mothers

Help your struggle with the juggle

You need help keeping all the balls in the air. In partnership with Female Founder Collective, we are pleased to share these companies who can help manage the juggle across parenting, home, learning, time management, career, and wellness. Each has a free trial or discount –because who doesn’t love to get a bargain and support a female-owned business at the same time?  

Career, Community & Wellness:
Take care of yourself and your career while taking care of everyone and everything.
Parenting, Learning & Enrichment:
Keep the kids thriving… and busy.
Home, Tasks & Time Management:
Get it done and solve the eternal question of “what’s for dinner?”
Resources for Companies, Leaders, and Employees
Companies need to do more to support working parents who face unprecedented pressures that impact their work and personal lives because of COVID-19.



Creating a Healthy and Positive Work Experience

The SAP Guide to Creating a Healthy and Positive Work Experience is a collection of resources for leaders and employees to ensure employees have the emotional and mental health support to navigate the constant change and disruption that will define our future.

Leading with Agility Resilience and a Growth Mindset

The SAP Guide to Leading with Agility Resilience and a Growth Mindset is a collective of resources for leaders and employees to help navigate change and succeed.

Back to Best

Employees are counting on their employers more than ever before. Whether it’s helping with flexible and secure processes to re-open facilities or transitioning and maintaining new ways of remote working, SAP and its partners are in this together with you to get you back to best.