SAP and BCG join forces to transform companies into sustainable enterprises. Together, the two companies are enabling business leaders to achieve zero emissions and zero waste – guided by ESG reporting practices.
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The SAP and BCG partnership will allow companies around the world to accelerate their sustainable business transformation by combining SAP’s strength as the leading enterprise software company with BCG’s sustainability consulting and analytics expertise.​

Key partnership benefits
Reduce emissions
Achieve up to 40% reduction in emissions
 in the first wave of implementation
Improve circularity
Enhance the management of product
circularity across your supply chain
Increase return on investment
Experience up to 15 years of competitive 
advantage and 10% market premium
Hear from our executives

"Sustainable businesses will create positive impacts for future generations, but no organization can achieve its sustainability goals alone. "

Christian Klein, CEO, SAP 

“I firmly believe that an organization's environmental impact will soon be as important to its key stakeholders as its financial performance.”

Christoph Schweizer, CEO, BCG

Together, SAP and BCG offer…
A suite of dedicated solutions and services, ready to use within weeks.
Set goals and assess the business value 
in taking sustainability actions​
Measure sustainability impact 
across the entire value chain
Transform to a sustainable enterprise 
at an unprecedented pace
Define actions with clear impacts
Track progress versus goals
Steering and Reporting​
Steer those actions while 
complying with new regulations​
Our dedicated digital solutions
Zero Emissions

By connecting SAP Product Footprint Management and CO2 AI by BCG, our customers can easily integrate carbon tracking measurement and intelligence into their core business operations and strategic decision-making.

Explore SAP Product Footprint Management
Explore CO2 AI by BCG
Zero Waste

Together, SAP Responsible Design and Production and CIRCelligence by BCG provide an end-to-end view on waste in the supply chain, enabling companies to assess the circularity opportunity across the entire supply chain while significantly improving the management of product circularity.

Explore SAP Responsible Design and Production
Explore CIRCelligence by BCG
Holistic Steering

The combination of SAP Sustainability Control Tower and ESG Compliance Target Operating Model by BCG addresses the challenge of steering major transformations – enabling companies to be compliant with the global ESG regulation requirements.

Explore SAP Sustainability Control Tower
Explore ESG Compliance Target Operating Model by BCG


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BCG and SAP join forces to transform companies into sustainable enterprises.
The joint transformation offering will allow companies to identify the business value in sustainability, setting the right climate ambitions and powering an actionable sustainability roadmap.

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