Building responsible supply chains

Businesses may be assuming more risk than they realize by using suppliers that engage in unethical business practices. See how to gain insight into your complete supply chain – and minimize your risk.

Rapid changes in the global economy are exposing organizations to more social, environmental, and sustainability risks – and more regulations – than ever before. Much of the risk lies in today’s supply chain, with its routine outsourcing of goods and services.

What if companies could easily predict, identify, and assess their procurement risks? Could they intelligently and effectively balance costs with conscience? See how best-run companies are finding that doing good is good business.

Are your suppliers all doing the right thing?

Could you be unknowingly facilitating child or forced labor? Are you violating environmental protection rules? Bypassing sustainability best practices?

Today’s best-run businesses are no longer rubber-stamping a supplier’s choice of low-cost country locations. They’re relying on insights, traceability, and visibility from SAP Ariba to eliminate uncertainties and potential risks. See how they profit from international trade and internet commerce, while preserving their brand reputation – and having a valuable impact on local economies, environments, and people.

supply chain issue in 2016: human rights [*]
In a recent survey, nearly half of corporate respondents identified human rights as the top supply chain issue. [*]
152 million
children are victims of child labor [*]
Almost half of child laborers are age 5 – 11 and almost half work in hazardous labor. [*]

Doing well – while doing good

How do businesses know if there are disreputable or even illegal practices lurking in their supply chains?

The SAP Ariba Supplier Risk with Sustainability solution can help build ethical supply chains – leveraging Ariba Network and using key technologies such as SAP HANA.

Aggregating more than 600k data sources in 130+ risk types, the solution employs data science to customize signals for each customer – and provides risk scores and alerts specific to their region and category.

Monitoring forced labor risks is a key component of the offering. With alerts in place, businesses can zero in on possible violations and take action to ensure ethical practices – and the protection of human rights – in every link of their supply chains.

A better solution

SAP Ariba Supplier Risk shines a light on all risks within the supply chain. With tailored risk score cards, supply chain mapping, risk alerts, and continual monitoring, the solution allows customers to make due diligence a natural part of the process – for procurement with purpose.

A better outcome

Armed with a complete view of each supplier – including risk exposure – customers can make better decisions, prevent supply chain disruptions, and improve collaboration with trading partners. With monitoring and alerts in place, they can avoid awarding contracts to unscrupulous suppliers – and remain compliant.

A better industry

As companies gain insight into the actions of their suppliers – and as countries enforce stiffer regulations – industries become less reliant on child labor and underpaid workers. Manufacturers, retailers, and consumers can make more informed purchasing decisions – helping build strong, ethical industries.

A better world

With transparent and sustainable supply chains, businesses around the world can help safeguard human rights as well as the environment. And because “doing good” is also good business, companies can contribute to a strong global economy – while protecting their own brand reputations and profitability.

Procure with Purpose

Want to see the hidden risks within your supply chain? Ready to find out who is “doing good”, protecting both people and the planet? Turn to SAP Ariba Supplier Risk – and make a greater impact on every community your business touches.

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