Transforming elephant
and rhino conservation

A bold, non-profit organization called Elephants, Rhinos & People (ERP) is helping solve one of the world’s tragic problems, with support from SAP.

Africa’s wild elephants and rhinos are being driven to the edge of extinction: poachers, trophy hunters and wildlife traffickers are killing or capturing on average three rhinos per day and up to four elephants every hour.

How could ERP stretch their limited funds and workforce to protect wandering herds of at-risk elephants and rhinos 24 hours a day, across vast territory? Could ERP hope to keep ahead of a region of such dire poverty, where people are instruments in the hands of well-organized criminal networks, and poach to survive?

What is a life worth?

Rhino horn is worth more than gold on the black market. A set of elephant tusks can be worth thousands of times the per capita income in poor rural areas in Southern Africa. ERP and SAP believe these majestic creatures are worth more – immeasurably, infinitely more – than all the effort, innovation, and dedication it will take to save them.

African elephants exist today vs. 10-million a century ago [*]
Elephant poaching is mostly due to the illegal worldwide ivory trade. [*]
Rhinos were killed in South Africa in 2017 [*]
Rhino horn is a status symbol and is misguidedly used for curative purposes. [*]

Connecting elephants, rhinos, people, and purpose

ERP needed a force multiplier so they turned to SAP.

Their plan? Create an ERP Air Force that puts “eyes in the sky” instead of more boots on the ground. Drones now monitor elephant and rhino herds in certain sensitive Southern African conservation areas. Drone data is combined with GPS data from animal collars, transmitted to the cloud, analyzed by SAP HANA in real time, and delivered to rangers via a mobile app. With SAP’s IoT framework, data is harvested from IoT devices, further ratcheting up the ERP Air Force’s protective power.

Powered by determination and SAP, ERP is now changing peoples lives in poor rural areas, and saving more wild elephants and rhinos.

An inspired solution

Here’s how it works. Rangers put GPS collars on individual elephants and rhinos, while drones track locations. SAP provides the technology to analyze all the data that is collected – in real time, 24 hours a day – and turn it into tracking information for conservation workers in the field.

A better outcome

ERP staff can access the SAP-powered “Find my Elephants” mobile app to track herd movement, anticipate behavior and prevent elephants from wandering into high-risk areas. Result: 100% reduction in poaching incidents in drone-protected areas.

A better industry

Based on the system’s success, ERP is planning to scale up its life-saving operations using SAP technology to improve its IoT capabilities and ERP Air Force's effectiveness. The organization is also setting its sights on changing conservation through its broader poverty alleviation-based strategy – to protect elephants and rhinos anywhere they’re threatened.

A better world

ERP believes that if elephants and rhinos have safe places to live in the wild, all species of wildlife can thrive there as well. With technologies that harness, store, and analyze vast amounts of data in real time, we can understand our ecosystems in a far deeper way – and work together to help humans and wildlife coexist in harmony.

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