Saving every last drop

Vectus, a company dedicated to water conservation, is collaborating with SAP to help stem the growing problem of water wastage and depletion.

India is facing a water crisis significantly more complex than any in the nation's history. It is a crisis brewed by centuries of water mismanagement, population growth, climate change, pollutants, lack of water storage, inadequate sanitation and waste water treatment, and widespread declining rainfall.

Could Vectus and SAP find ways to help those affected to live better, healthier lives, with clean water and safe, water-conserving products?

Saving water – saving lives

The ongoing decline of India's water supply is compounded by alarming levels of leakage from irrigation systems, pipes, and faucets. This loss of precious water, distressing at any time, can turn deadly during the long dry periods India experiences each year. In these times of severe scarcity, stored water is vital for both human consumption and agriculture. Together, Vectus and SAP searched for answers.

1.3 Billion
People in India in 2016 [*]
Population is estimated to reach 1.7 billion by 2050. [*]
163 Million
People lack access to safe water [*]
21% of communicable diseases are linked to unsafe water. [*]

Monitoring water's vital signs

As the country's leading pipe and water storage solution company, Vectus Industries has been helping to alleviate widespread water wastage for years. Despite having achieved heartening results, more had to be done – so they joined forces with SAP.

A frustrating obstacle was standing in the way of Vectus' goals: their slow and inadequate legacy IT system. By replacing it with SAP S/4HANA, the company quickly digitized their core processes and started exploring how mobile and Internet of Things technologies could help them save as much water as possible.

With better insights, Vectus was able to pinpoint one of the primary water waste culprits: the leaky water pipe.

an inspired solution

Using SAP technology, Vectus built a mobile app that helps plumbers access vital information about pipes and other joints, including the best way to install them to fix and prevent leaks. Armed with detailed information – and backed by smart technology – plumbers can address leaks in both irrigation systems and other pipes.

A BETTER outcome

With tech-savvy plumbers helping stop pipe leakage, less water is spilled – and more is available for people and agriculture. Water storage and transport are also improving – breakthroughs that are vital to water-parched villages where women often carry heavy jugs over long distances so that they can provide water for their families.

a better industry

Around the world, leaking irrigation systems, pipes, faucets, and storage infrastructure contribute to water shortages. The Vectus / SAP solution to water conservation can be applied anywhere that water is dripping away – benefiting farmers, utilities, the healthcare industry, communities, and people.

a better world

With access to clean water, people can lead healthier lives — with less risk of infection and communicable disease. Environmental conditions can improve. Farmers can increase their crop yields, feeding more people. And perhaps most importantly, countries around the world can save precious water for future generations.

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