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Transforming elephant and rhino conservation

Poaching of elephants and rhinos is at an all-time high in South Africa. See how a forward-looking nonprofit partnered with SAP to tackle this complicated problem from all sides.

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Saving every last drop

Water scarcity is creating the worst-ever crisis conditions across much of India. A pioneering manufacturer joined forces with SAP to confront this potential national disaster.

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Smarter earthquake safety

In earthquake-prone Japan, a manufacturing company is working to improve seismic monitoring and protect citizens. Smart phones and SAP technology are the key.

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Banking power to the people

Millions of people in rural Latin America are without bank accounts and must rely on riskier ways to manage their money. A bank driven by compassion and hope is changing that, using mobile technology from SAP.

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Turning air into opportunities

The planet is in dire need of sustainable energy – yet only a small percentage of global electricity comes from wind power. A major wind turbine company is working with SAP to help power-up that percentage.

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Intelligently feeding the world

Hundreds of millions of people are living in hunger. Now, a progressive agricultural equipment manufacturer has teamed with SAP to address the future of the world’s food supply.

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Fresh breakfast, healthier planet

Every year, over a billion tons of unused food ends up in the world’s landfills. See how an innovative, purpose-driven company is using SAP technology to set a leading example for sustainable food production.

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Building responsible supply chains

Businesses may be assuming more risk than they realize by using suppliers that engage in unethical business practices. See how to gain insight into your complete supply chain – and minimize your risk.

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Keeping the Crossroads of America safe

Question: Could inventive thinking, cross-agency teamwork, and SAP technology help keep Indiana roads safer? See how the state is taking action.

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