Supply Chain Resilience Cockpit

Benefit from the power of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud and gain insights into influencing factors of your company’s supply chain such as Governance risks, political unrest, industrial accidents, natural disasters. The application integrates external data sources and advanced analytics capabilities to optimize supply chain predictions. Based on defined KPIs that are relevant for decision makers the application maintains transparency over supply chains and highlight potential risks.

Improved Supply Chain Transparency

Visualization and Risk Analysis

Integration with analytics and hyperscalers

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Why Camelot ITLab

Camelot Innovative Technologies Lab (ITLab) is a globally leading SAP System Integrator for digital value chain management.

Camelot ITLab is guiding companies in transforming their value chain processes and IT ecosystems to truly generate value: in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Data & Analytics, ERP, Customer Experience, and more. We cover the full SAP portfolio and turn it into tailored, integrated domain and industry specific solutions. 

Camelot ITLab is a long-standing partner of SAP with joint co-development initiatives, offering customized SAP implementations as well as our own disruptive solutions. As part of CAMELOT Consulting Group with 1,800 employees worldwide, Camelot ITLab stands for highest quality and responsibility, proven by an excellent track record. Innovations to solutions. 

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