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"Digital transformation is foremost a leadership challenge! The good news is there are patterns for successful digital leadership. CxOs can drive their organization to gain the competitive edge in a disruptive world.”


Dr. Carsten Linz @CarstenLinz
Business Development Officer
Global Head of Center for Digital Leadership
Digital Leader Talks

The Digital Leaders Talks brings together top thought leaders of digital transformation throughout various industries, research institutions, and SAP to discuss the importance of digitalization.
Our target group is an executive audience who have an interest in digital strategy, digital transformation and who can learn about best practices of industry leaders. The host of the sessions is Dr. Carsten Linz, the Global Head of the SAP Center for Digital Leadership.

SAP's Center for Digital Leadership & ESA partner together

Together with the European Space Agency (ESA), we build a joint network around innovation, digitization, and science and intend to develop new solutions around space data from ESA and SAP technology. The quick and efficient processing of large amounts of Earth observation data would open access to new fields of applications and users working with the SAP HANA Cloud platform.

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Our Assets & Methodologies

Our focus is on leadership! We provide you digitalization best practices via whitepapers, blogs, and methodologies which helps you drive the digital transformation of your organization. Our database helps you compare where you stand compared to the top-notch digital players.

Our Innovation Lab

Do not digitize the past - innovate for the future. Enable your company's future by instilling platform-based approaches within an open ecosystem. Learn about our fast-track innovation approach and how we foster partnerships to tackle the business challenges of tomorrow.

Our Strategic Alliances & CxO Events


We help you as digital leaders navigate through your digital journey. Based on our research, over 150 CxO customer meetings per year, and lessons learned through our own digital transformation at SAP, we have the real-world digital experience.