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A Nation that is Citizen Centric, Effective & Accountable,
Has an Enabled Workforce and uses a Secured and Agile Technology Platform.



What is a citizen centric agency? One that provides each citizen with positive experiences in every interaction they have with an agency, program, or department…on any device through any channel.


Understanding the citizen journey and how they interact with your mission is the first step in creating a citizen-centric agency. Follow Jen’s journey with his municipality.

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation. It helps identify the optimal citizen experience and highlight the most critical problems to solve.

When agencies have a customer centric mindset, citizens have easier access to information they need, are happier and more engaged. Watch this demo for an example using an innovative app to engage with citizens.



Citizens want efficient, effective, and accountable government agencies. That means agencies need simplified processes that enable quick effective decisions while providing transparency across their organizations. This responsiveness and efficiency helps earn the trust of leaders and constituents.

The state of Indiana is using the SAP platform to bring together data from multiple agencies across the state to uncover insights they were never able to see before to become a data driven government. See how they’re doing it.


With the proliferation of same day delivery services in the commercial sector, employees and citizens expect to get what they need, when they need it. Learn how processing orders and warehouse management solutions can help agencies deliver on that expectation.

A digital nation leverages all of the connected sensors that surround us to innovate on the edge while keeping the processes that run the agencies stable and secure.




Technology helps boost productivity, retain talent, and create an engaged workforce that feels empowered, and ready, to succeed.

Digital transformation promises great things for the Public Sector and citizens… but only if leadership and employees at all levels are up to the task.

Futurist Jacob Morgan breaks down his vision for the Future of Work.


By September 2017, one-third of the government-wide workforce will be eligible to retire, making recruiting and retaining talent a top priority for agencies.



The backbone of the Digital Nation is an inherently secure platform armed with the power to continuously drive business processes, realize trends and predict outcomes and agile enough to adapt to meet the rapidly changing needs of customers and citizens.

Ensuring mission-critical data is well-protected from all types of attacks – whether stored on-premise or on the Cloud – is paramount. Learn how SAP protects you.

Security threats in the enterprise are relentless – and attackers are getting more sophisticated. Learn about key security trends, how your peers think about security, and how SAP addresses these challenges.

In this Q&A, Justin Somaini, Chief Security Officer at SAP, explores how the digital transformation introduces new security challenges and gives advice on using SAP solutions to meet those challenges.

See what digital transformation is happening around the world

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Our digital government solutions use technologies such as cloud computing, enterprise mobility, and analytics to help organizations improve performance and develop forward-thinking, citizen-centric programs.

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