McLaren Technology Group

McLaren Technology Group is using SAP HANA to run in top gear. Here’s how.



Simpler IT using a cloud-based deployment model, reducing the cost of ownership


Faster deployments across all lines of business, including HR, finance, sales and distribution, materials management, and project management


Centralization of decision making and management information in a single system


Simpler operations for better spend management, optimized resources, and easier financial reporting compliance

McLaren Group customer video

Gearing up for a win with SAP HANA

From Formula One to precision manufacturing, McLaren Group exists to win. Learn more about this ambitious conglomerate, their philosophy, and the innovative SAP technologies that help them run their business efficiently and profitably.

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McLaren car on race track

Chasing the perfect lap

Find out how McLaren Technology Group is using SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA and our cloud services to accelerate business processes, improve decision making, simplify operations – and ultimately deliver maximum performance.

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McLaren Technology Group

Fast-tracking deployment

To speed adoption of our in-memory technology infrastructure, McLaren Group turned to SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. See how it streamlined their hardware landscape – and gave them the power to use Big Data to predict and drive future innovations.

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