Transforming Data Into Insights

SAP and Honeywell are partnering to solve one of the biggest issues facing enterprises today: making sense of data. SAP’s experience providing systems that aggregate business data and Honeywell’s innovations around applying machine-learning models to operational technology (OT) data combine to help companies gain new insights.


As buildings come back online and people return to the workplace, SAP and Honeywell decided to focus first on the real estate industry and the data fragmentation challenges impacting real estate managers today. Drawing on the power of the Honeywell Forge autonomous buildings solution, SAP Cloud for Real Estate, and Qualtrics, this new cloud-based solution will provide customers with a holistic view of their data to determine the true efficiency and utilization of their portfolios.


Rediscovering Buildings

Watch Christian Klein, CEO of SAP, and Darius Adamczyk, Chairman and CEO of Honeywell, describe the unique solutions this partnership will provide for the real estate industry.

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“In my opinion, the Honeywell-SAP partnership sets a foundation that has the potential to drive significant value in the space. I think it is especially important in the current environment that tenants and real-estate owners together have confidence in the quality of the experience in their offices, and through this partnership they can now be more confident in what that experience is.”


Scott Morey, Executive Director, One11 Advisors

Learn how SAP and Honeywell are unifying IT and OT data to improve enterprise operations.

Listen to Honeywell and SAP discuss the data aggregation challenges facing businesses today.

SAP and Honeywell to build industry-specific applications to get data from the edge to the cloud.

Watch the replay of the SAP and Honeywell webinar introducing the new cloud-based real estate solution.
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