SAP Leonardo Innovation
Services Showroom

This page provides a preview of the SAP Leonardo Innovation Services, Enterprise Edition – Showroom and its topics. Get inspired for your digital journey. Sign up for the SAP Leonardo Innovation Services, Enterprise Edition today to leverage the full potential of the showroom.


Leonardo Innovation Services Showroom

Welcome to the SAP Leonardo Innovation Services Showroom. The Showroom allows you to explore business scenarios, challenges other companies have faced, and SAP solutions. You can review a selection of innovation use challenges other companies’ cases and technology modules that can serve as inspiration for digital transformation leveraging SAP Cloud Platform. 

Innovation Use Cases


Businesses around the globe need new solutions for ever more digital workforces, customer experiences, supply networks and the Internet of Things. To take full advantage of digitization companies need to digitize their core processes. Together with SAP's applications, network, cloud, and platform solutions, we enable customers to digitize their business end-to-end and turn their digital vision into reality.

Here you can find showcases based on innovative and industry specific customer cases. They show an end-to-end storyline with real business impact and how SAP’s portfolio and platform can help companies during their digital transformation journey. 


Innovation Use Cases
Integrated Business Scenarios Powered by SAP Model Company


SAP Model Company exemplifies the end-to-end capabilities of the innovation platform. It enables you to shorten your implementation time and expense and helps you advance even more quickly on your path toward digital transformation. SAP Model Company combines an SAP Best Practices package, integration expertise, and product functionality in a prepackaged, ready-to-use solution for a specific line of business or industry. You can start your software implementation there or transfer the system to your on-premise landscape. 


Digital Industry Examples


SAP, together with key customers and partners, has developed a clear perspective of the impact of digital transformation on each industry and core lines of business. Be inspired from digital innovation examples in your industry, see the possibilities with SAP technologies, and explore how other companies are using digital technology to realize their business vision. 


Innovation Use Cases
Technology Use Cases


Technology Use Cases are based on an enterprise-to-enterprise content architecture and include access to sample architectures, detailed project descriptions, and coding snippets.

Explore ready-to-use modules to accelerate your proof-of-concept, including SAP Cloud Platform services, like:

- User experience and mobile

- Big Data insights and machine learning

- Digital and Internet of Things (IoT)

- Collaboration

- Integration