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"The workforce of the future has arrived. HR leaders play a pivotal role in attracting, developing and retaining the best people to meet today’s business goals – and staying ahead of digital transformation for the long haul."
We are living in times of unprecedented change. Businesses of all sizes today face challenges from globalisation, demographic shifts, and digital disruption. As a HR professional, how can you help your business remain in a relevant, competitive and agile environment? Stay ahead of the latest trends, news, tools and resources that will help you inspire your people to perform at their best and develop a future-ready workforce.

The European Union’s recently-introduced GDPR laws have wide-ranging implications for how HR collects, stores, and manages personal data. However, staying compliant doesn’t have to come with added complexity. SAP has put together a series of resources to help you make sense of the GDPR, understand its implications for your organisation, and bolster your data privacy processes for an evolving regulatory climate.

Demystifying GDPR

Download this whitepaper today and learn what steps HR can take to bring your organisation into full GDPR compliance. 


Are you prepared?

If your organisation intends to collect, process and store personal data as part of recruitment and talent management, this whitepaper is a must read.


Steps to compliance

Download this fact sheet to discover how SAP SuccessFactors addresses the needs of GDPR compliance and provides a secure platform for personal data in the workplace.



The aged care industry is going through enormous disruption. Regulatory changes have seen funds for community care or at-home services, which were previously distributed through care providers, being issued directly to customers. Learn how SAP SuccessFactors worked with IRT to transform their HR practices.

People + Purpose = Unprecedented Performance
Today’s market leaders know their purpose and mission with unmistakable clarity. As a strategic HR leader, you’re an expert in connecting people to their purpose – and delivering a workforce experience that’s geared for peak performance. When companies prioritise purpose, they see higher sales, better employee engagement and higher returns on stock prices. That’s an equation no business can afford to ignore.
SAP Model Company for HR

There’s a simpler way to unlock the potential of your people. SAP Model Company gives HR professionals a preconfigured, ready-to-use solution to bring your workplace into the digital era and beyond. Configure, deploy, and scale HR best-practices faster than ever before, in a way that’s tailored to your organisation’s unique needs and no other. SAP Model Company gives you the power to recruit, hire, engage, and retain a workforce that’s constantly maximising both its potential – and that of your business.

You want only the best talent. They want personalised services with tools that are fast, effective and easy to use. This whitepaper outlines a roadmap to stay focused on digital investments that will bring highly motivated, highly skilled employees to your door, and turn their potential into exceptional performance – the same roadmap that underpins how we designed SAP Model Company.

Make yours the next top workplace. With a strong, responsive HR framework in place, you can maximise the potential of your people for a faster, more productive, and more engaged working culture. Find out how SAP Model Company can help you make the change.

Your HR visions and goals are closer than you think. All you need is the tools to bring your company to greater heights. Download our infographic and discover how to use SAP Model Company to plot your company’s new direction, upgrade HR practices seamlessly, and stir up greater engagement and innovation at all levels of your business.

Are you actively planning for the HR Digital Revolution?

It's time to translate digital HR into everyday improvements for our talent. That means not only rethinking HR as we know it, but being ready for the next stage of digital transformation. Gain a glimpse of what that future holds, along with six practical tips for engaging the workforce of today and tomorrow.


We work in an increasingly inter-dependent world where cross-border teams are becoming the norm and partnerships across the supply chain are a necessity. With technology driving disruption and business transformation, innovation is not ‘nice to do’.

Better for HR in Many Ways

Analysts recognize SAP SuccessFactors as the industry leader for Talent Management. We break down the many reasons why.



When people are your greatest asset, make them your competitive edge. 


Find purpose. Fulfil potential.
In an increasingly interconnected world where people have more choice in who they work for, you’ll need the right tools to attract, develop and retain the right people for your business. Continuous performance management, diversity and inclusion, and health and well-being support will give your best talent a clear sense of community and help them unlock their full potential. Champion the value of your employees, and they’ll ensure your organisation excels in any market.

Few things matter more to business success than human capital. The right mix of people, skills, and culture can create competitive advantage for companies, reshape industries, and drive prosperity across regions.

Managing differences in employee contributions is critical to maximizing company performance. But accurately assessing differences in employee contributions is one of the most sensitive areas of human capital management.

Getting People to Talk: Creating a culture of continuous performance management

The need to more effectively engage employees coupled with advantages in social, mobile, and cloud technology have created an explosion of innovation in continous performance management methods. 


Toward an Agile Coaching and Development Culture

An exciting mindset shift is shaking up stale annual performance management methods. We explore the opportunities.



HR leaders now play a much more active role in helping their organisation define and execute on its strategic vision.

Discover how a modern HR platform can leverage and benefit from a “build, acquire, partner, extend” philosophy.


Rising competition demands constant innovation.
Innovation is no longer a nice-to-have in business: it’s the lifeblood of the organisation and its culture. You stand at the intersection between employee engagement and customer outcomes – the very point where innovative approaches to workplaces, workforces, and performance matter most.
When simplicity, mobility and data come together in perfect harmony, you’ve created an environment where continuous innovation comes naturally – where people can push their limits and redefine what’s possible.
HR Transformation: Delivery Roadmaps

This interactive infographic from IDC enables HR professionals to understand the delivery roadmaps for realizing key digital and HR transformation objectives, starting today. 

Digital Transformation Snapshot

Is your organisation capitalizing on Digital Transformation? Receive a complimentary customised IDC benchmark report with quantitative research based on input from over 400 of your industry peers. Simply answer these 7 short questions to receive the knowledge you need to take the next step in Digital Transformation. 


Innovate the heart of your HR advantage

Always compelling, this Deloitte Human Capital Trends report provides you with firm foundations on which to assess the value and impact of new initiatives, investments and ongoing innovation in the HR sphere.


Helping you take the next step


At SAP SuccessFactors, we are passionate about helping organisations streamline their HR functions, get the most from the employees, improve the employee experience and drive tangible outcomes.

We understand that some organisations are at the beginning of their journey – they know they need to do something differently, but they’re just not sure what that it yet.   Others have crystallised their strategy and are evaluating ways to bring it to life.

We’d love to help you on your journey.

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