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Engage millions of buyers and suppliers on a single live network.

Ariba Network connects more than two million companies from 190 countries, creating a dynamic, digital marketplace where buyers and suppliers can find each other, collaborate, and execute more than $1 trillion in commerce every year.

Customers are running live with SAP solutions
MSC Industrial Supply Co.

See how this leading industrial distributor used SAP Ariba to create a full-service, e-commerce site that has achieved a 50% increase in conversion rates while cutting order-taking costs by 60%.

SAP Ariba Buyers & Suppliers

See how procurement professionals are driving the industry forward and creating business impact for their companies in this grass roots movement.


The SAP Ariba marketplace simplifies everything from finding partners to managing payments. So you can make the connections that help you build business value.

Simple and Seamless

With $2.3B in transactions every day


203M in catalog items, featuring goods and services for virtually every business


33 million matched leads sent to suppliers in 12 months