Leaders are Live

Leaders from some of the world's top companies explain how SAP solutions help their businesses run live and run simple.

  • Brian Cashman New York Yankees General Manager
  • J.P. Bilbrey The Hershey Company CEO
  • Tetsuji Ohasi Komatsu CEO
  • Thomas Tighe Direct Relief CEO
  • Gabriel Gross Meteo Protect CEO
  • Jack Gierhart US Sailing CEO
  • Doug Wood Tommy Bahama CEO
  • Daniel Hopp Adler Mannheim CEO
  • Jan Vrátil Marvinpac CZ CEO
  • Ted Baker and KC Holiday QALO Co-CEOs and Founders
  • Quentin Sannié Devialet CEO
  • Peter Goerlich TSG Hoffenheim CEO
  • Meg Whitman Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO
  • Tohru Yamai Snow Peak CEO
  • Jim Smith Thomson Reuters CEO