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A product range optimization tool for smart retail distribution
With more than 4.000 retail points and 1.500 magazines to distribute, Audax Betapress’ mission is to deliver the right title, at the right place, at the right time, and in the right quantity. To better meet the needs of its customers, the organization strives to become more data-driven, and wants to automate the process of selecting a fitting product range of magazines for each of its retailers. A product range optimization tool helps Audax Betapress in its ambition to deliver exactly what customers are looking for, on store level.
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Aim for the best results with external data

An innovative solution that promises local retailers of books and magazines an optimum mix of products, tailored to its customers tastes. The product range optimization tool uses external data, like demographic figures, to characterize clusters of stores. It makes suggestions for best-selling products for a specific location. This way, retailers are guaranteed of a magazine range that will sell. Publishers get the best results on the sales of their magazines. And the customer? He walks out of the store with the magazine he most certainly will love.

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External data: a perfect way to optimize your supply chain

By: Frank Basten
External data: it is one of the keys to optimize your entire supply chain. Using this data goldmine, the product range optimization tool supports Audax Betapress with a more data-driven and customer-centric approach.


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Smart distribution with external data

Use external data, like income, age and profession, to tailor a product range on store level. The product range optimization tool helps retailers to accommodate their customers in finding a mix of products that will fit their lifestyles.


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