SAP S/4HANA Discovery Tour
Brings Innovation To Your Doorstep!


Mobilize your business. Focus on innovation. Work towards digital transformation.
These are crucial ‘rules’ to live by for any business, as you understand very well. But how can you achieve this next to all the operational tasks that need to happen simultaneously? The SAP S/4HANA Discovery Tour is designed to free up your calendar and shift your mind to innovation. Five days in our SAP Mobile Innovation Lab to analyze, plan, and sketch your roadmap. In this unique pressure-cooker setting, we all focus on your digital transformation.

Key principles for success

Sounds great, right? But how do we do it? The secret lies in a few principles. First, we make sure it is all about people. We put the right business and IT stakeholders together in the Mobile Lab – conveniently located at your doorstep. We engage and inspire the stakeholders with our customized program and make sure they ask the right questions in order to find the right answers.

Secondly, we work on repositioning IT from operational execution to the boardroom. In this age of digital transformation, the IT department needs to take a leading role. It can no longer be seen as purely supportive, because it no longer is. This may require a different mindset within all layers of your organization.

Finally, we focus on innovation. This can seem overwhelming, so we break it down in little steps. The first step? Demonstrating that SAP S/4HANA is innovation. Innovation is built into the platform. It allows you to develop a fundamentally different – future-proof – business process.

In a series of workshops and presentations, the SAP S/4HANA Discovery Tour lets your entire organization experience how exciting innovation and digital transformation can and should be. More importantly, how it creates value for, and impacts, your business!

Within those five days, we translate your business strategy into a business-driven digital strategy together and deliver a roadmap for your organization-wide SAP S/4HANA adoption.

Breakdown of a one-of-a-kind program

The five-day program is based on a proven approach and customized to your particular needs and requirements. Naturally, this type of engagement requires a lot of preparation. Therefore, we start some two or three weeks before arrival with an analysis of your organization’s current situation.

We kick off the event with an all-hands, open-invite session. With the core team we discuss the outcomes of the following reports: SAP transformation navigator, business scenario recommendation, and the readiness check. We also discuss an outside-in analysis (in what direction is the world around you moving, and what is the competition doing?). Three or four predetermined primary and prioritized business tracks will shape the rest of the week.

While we continue with the business tracks, on day two we also start to deal with IT. We discuss the current architecture and make a list of design and architecture principles, as well as your IT strategy and priorities. We work on a sketch of a high-level IT landscape.

On the third day everybody gets the chance to catch their breath. In free-format style, we zoom in on your dot on the horizon: your vision on big data, customer experience and/or innovation in general.

On day four we look to the future in a more structured manner: what will your new IT landscape look like? What value will it bring to your business? We think about the Why, What, and How, as well as the Next Steps. We discuss implementation accelerators, risks, modes of migration (green field or brown field), collaborations, and partnerships.

On Friday, we deliver a Report Out. The roadmap is presented to the core team and business stakeholders. And similar to the grand opening, we want to close big: with an open-invite closing event. When the SAP Mobile Innovation Lab leaves at the end of the week, we leave you with a focus on innovation and a clear plan of action.
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