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Office Depot Chatbot Vicky

Vicky can help you with your order status even if you don’t have the order number at your fingertips.
SAP Leonardo NOW Tour
Office Depot asked help from the #RunLiveTruck to improve their customer experience. Chatbot Vicky is the result: she is available to ‘her’ customers 24/7, to answer order and product related questions.
Chatbot Vicky is at your service 24/7
For, part of office supply giant Office Depot, we developed chatbot Vicky. The reason? Office Depot noticed that many customers contacted customer service by phone just after having visited the website. It seemed that they couldn’t find the information they were looking for. Chatbot Vicky will change all this: she is available 24/7 and can help you with questions like ‘What is my order status?’ and ‘Which cartridge does my printer need?’ You can type in your question or speak to Vicky personally.

Vicky can help you with your order status even if you don’t have the order number at your fingertips. Using your name, she can show you your entire list of previous orders. On top of that she knows precisely which cartridge you need for your printer type. In the future, more scenarios can be added to chatbot Vicky. She can even recognize your voice and let you know in advance that your cartridges will need replacing in two weeks’ time - and she might ask you if you’d like her to order them for you.





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Watch how chatbot Vicky helps Office Depot customers with their questions!


Chatbots increase customer experience while maintaining customer intimacy. Really.

By: Henk-Jan Hulshof
They’re sprouting up everywhere like mushrooms: chatbots. You can hardly visit a website without being addressed by a completely automated conversation partner – can he or she help at all?


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Chatbot Vicky is at the service of Office Depot, 24/7!

How can we improve the online customer experience of Office Depot? With chatbot Vicky! On the web, she will help you with orders and product related questions. And via mobile you can speak to her by way of voice chat.


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