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Forbo Flooring

Choosing the right floor with augmented reality
A next-generation customer experience with augmented reality (AR). Forbo Flooring, Quinso, TWNKLS and SAP created a personalized application that helps customers find the perfect floor in no-time by digitally visualizing it in their interior.

Augmented Reality: a game changer in marketing

By: Twan van den Broek
Augmented reality is disrupting industries worldwide. Whether it’s used to streamline and simplify business processes or to bring excitement to customers: AR delivers an unmatched visual experience and is a major trump card in winning the attention of consumers. Read why I think AR will be a critical part of any business in the future.
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Enhancing the customer experience with augmented reality

Combine marketing automation with augmented reality and deliver a consumer journey that ensures customer satisfaction. Discover how Forbo Flooring persuades its customers in buying its products in this infographic. 


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The SAP Leonardo NOW Tour has evolved out of the successful Run Live Truck Tour. Get inspired by some of the most exhilarating prototypes developed in the Truck.
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