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Prevention of rear-end collisions with your smartphone
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Rear-end collisions make up 34% of all serious traffic accidents in the Netherlands. The #RunLiveTruck team and Interpolis designed a prototype of the driving coach app, which can prevent this sort of car crash. During your drive, the driving coach gives you verbal feedback on your driving behavior.
The driving coach
Up to 80% of rear-end collision are caused by a too short following distance. Do you create enough distance and do you get briefly distracted? Then the chances of a fender bender are high. But you don’t need a Tesla with autopilot function for a safe trip. By making use of the standard functionalities of your smartphone, the driving coach app can transform your car into a smart vehicle. The application warns you immediately if your following distance from other road users is too short. 

Thanks to Image Recognition, the driving coach can differentiate cars and pedestrians from other objects. Your smartphone’s gps system determines how fast you are going and the driving coach can precisely assess the distance to the car in front, via your camera. This way, the app gives real-time feedback on your driving behavior. That’s how you get safely from A to B.





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In this video, discover how the driving coach app helps prevent rear-end collisions.

Rear-end collisions? Prevent them with your smartphone!

By: Frank Basten
For two years in a row now, the number of traffic accidents and the number of road fatalities has risen. Approximately 30% of car crashes is a rear-end collision. But up to 80% of this sort of accident is the result of a following distance that is too short. It’s time to turn things on their head for improved road safety. How? With your smartphone, in fact.
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Road safety with the digital driving coach

Rear-end collisions are common in the Netherlands. Prevention is better than insuring, that’s what Interpolis says. That’s why the insurer developed a prototype of the driving coach app, in the Run Live Truck, to achieve this goal.

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