SAP Mobile Innovation Lab

SAP Leonardo NOW Tour Crew


In the SAP Mobile Innovation Lab you only find the best people. Our dedicated team of experts makes sure you experience how exciting innovation and digital transformation can be. Meet the crew!

Twan van den Broek



“Delivering solutions that not only add value to your business, but also make your end-users happy. It’s the SAP Leonardo NOW Tour in a nutshell. As a technology evangelist, I transform ideas into reality. And, it doesn’t have to take years. With rapid prototyping, our team translates technology to a practical business solution within days.”


Margreet Lensen-Klerkx

Design Thinking Expert


“Every great solution needs a solid base. With a Design Thinking workshop, I strive to bring human meaning to technology. Together with the SAP team, the end-users, and the customer, we determine the scope of the case and find out what’s really needed. We aim to deliver a perfect integration of technological innovation and business value.


Jan Koster

Design Thinking Expert


“I use Design Thinking as a tool and mindset to rethink existing ways of working, habits, and manners. I want to add new value and build a bridge between technological innovation and potential business innovations. By focusing on the human being, true innovations arise!”


Ronald Kleijn

Customer Innovation Expert


“In the SAP Leonardo NOW Tour, I combine my extensive experience in SAP Development and vast knowledge of the SAP Cloud Platform to find the best solutions for our customers. I focus on Machine Learning, Blockchain and Internet of Things to enable innovation.”


Kevin Carlyon

Manager Innovation Presales


“Innovation is a team effort. At SAP, we are on a mission to take great ideas from the drawing board and turn them into minimal viable products. I’m happy to help our customers realize and implement innovative solutions that bring value to their business.”


Yvette Teeuwissen

Program Manager Mobile Innovation Lab


“I love the dynamic versatility of the SAP Leonardo NOW Tour. It brings idea to life in just one work week, and in this pressure-cooker approach, I make sure the customer and the team stay connected. As the overall program manager, I am your go-to-person for planning, logistics, and communication.”


Roxanne Arnts

Solution Advisor Machine Learning


“Bringing organizations to the next level with smart technology. I am driven to deliver value to enterprises by incorporating machine learning and predictive analytics into their processes. In the SAP Leonardo NOW Tour cutting-edge technology, optimization and innovation go hand in hand. The SAP Mobile Innovation Lab is the perfect spot to explore the possibilities machine learning has to offer and putting them in practical use for our customers. ”


Marcel Smits

Solution Expert


“Helping customers in their digital transformation is my mission. I am keen to provide organizations with a solution that helps them improve their business. To achieve this, I bring a deep understanding of the SAP Cloud Platform to the table. Together with the other experts on the SAP Leonardo NOW Tour we utilize all the advantages the latest technology can bring to our customers. ”

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