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Predict illegal logging with machine learning app
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Deforestation is the second greatest cause of climate change. Rainforest Connection joined forces with the #RunLiveTruck crew by getting Machine Learning to predict where and when illegal logging would occur.
Saving the rainforests with your old smartphone
How do you and a bunch of nature conservationists prevent the deforestation of the expansive and often inaccessible rainforests of the world? By turning recycled telephones into Forest Guardians, which continuously listen to what is happening in the jungle. Thanks to Machine Learning these can recognize the sound of a chainsaw, but they can also – based on animal noises – predict when and where illegal logging is going to happen.

The team of the #RunLiveTruck collaborated with Conservation Technologist Topher White of Rainforest Connection on an app that warns rangers, in real-time, about illegal logging. In addition, they also developed a predictive computer model. Its algorithm predicts where, when, and how big the chance is that an illegal logging job is going to take place.





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Ever heard of chaining yourself to a tree trunk to stop logging from happening? Now, with the use of smart technology, those days are over. In this video find out how Topher White from Rain Forest Connection wants to save the rainforests.


Saving the world with Machine Learning

By: Ronald Kleijn
There’s no doubt that global warming is reaching dire proportions. Deforestation causes more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere than all the planes, trucks, trains, cars, and ships put together. So, what is the place of technology in the fight against climate change?


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Save the rainforests with real-time data

Rainforest Connection wants to stop the deforestation of rainforests by reusing discarded smartphones and the use of smart technology such as Machine Learning.


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