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From light bulbs to light-as-a-service
Signify, number one in lighting products globally, is always searching for new innovative ways to unlock the full potential of lighting, and enhance people’s lives. That’s why the world market leader is taking lighting to the next level with its ambition to offer light-as-a-service. Instead of paying for lighting upfront, customers will receive a variable bill based on usage. To jumpstart this aspiration, Signify teamed up with the SAP Mobile Innovation Lab to deliver a working prototype in just five days. 
Gain insight in costs and usage with an intelligent solution
With its intelligent Interact platform, Signify offers consumers insight in their lighting consumption. The solution helps users to make better informed decisions and drives operational efficiency. Facility managers of large buildings for example, will certainly benefit from this platform. To offer users like them more advantages, Signify and SAP connected Interact with a platform that translates usage into cost. The prototype solution presents a real-time overview of light costs per building, floor, and room. Besides that, it also gives out a prediction of expected costs. Bye bye to the traditional fixed price business model, hello to light-as-a-service!

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Welcome to the future: services over products

By: Twan van den Broek
With the infinite possibilities of Internet of Things and cloud computing, organizations are exploring new business models in which products make way for services. Signify adopted the business model to take lighting to the next level with light-as-a-service.


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Variable billing based on actual usage instead of buying and paying for lighting upfront. See how the prototype solution works.


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