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An application linked to a smart garbage chute
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How do you stimulate local residents to separate their garbage better and make waste processing easier for municipal councils? The crew from the #RunLiveTruck worked on a smart garbage chute and the Fleur app to give residents feedback on their waste separation behavior.
Use persuasive technology to make citizens aware of their waste separation behavior and ensure that they separate their garbage better: that’s what Dura Vermeer can achieve with Fleur, an application linked to a smart garbage chute. A camera in the chute measures what residents throw away and sends that through to the app. This shows, real-time, how much waste someone produces and how high the separation percentage is. The app is a game changer in the area of waste separation and sustainability. 

The app allows residents to get a direct insight into their waste separation behavior and the app also gives feedback on how to do it better. “Once the trigger is personalized, residents will contribute more actively to the environment. It really encourages a change in behavior,” says Ruben Verbaan from Dura Vermeer. He is proud of the result. “The developers of Next View and SAP have not only helped us to get a working prototype off the ground, they’ve given Fleur just the right look and feel. It looks fresh and appealing - and the name brightens up your day!”





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Watch how Dura Vermeer wants to stimulate people to separate their garbage better with an app and a smart garbage chute.


A sustainable world: a little of yourself and a little of technological innovation

By: Frank Basten
Internet of Things (IoT) is an ideal tool to check how sustainably you live. Smart thermostats make you conscious about your energy use and with a handy app you can measure exactly how much gas you are using. Separating your garbage also contributes to a better world. But how do you know if you’re doing it right?


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How green are you? Contribute more actively to sustainability thanks to technological innovation.

Dura Vermeer wants to help consumers detect, on a personal level, how to improve how they separate their garbage with the help of an app and a smart garbage chute.


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