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Intelligent retailing with the In-season Stock Redistribution Tool
The Sting, one of the biggest Dutch fashion retailers, always pushes its boundaries when it comes to customer experience. The innovative fashion brand decided to take its quest in delivering the right item, in the right size, in the right store one step further. That’s why The Sting invited the SAP Leonardo NOW Tour onto its doorstep. In one week, the team created a prototype of the In-season Stock Redistribution Tool which helps business controllers to maximize sales by redistributing inventory across stores smarter and faster.
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The right item, in the right size, in the right store
A smart solution that makes sure you can deliver the right items, at the right moment, in the right store and most of all: in the right sizes. The In-season Stock Redistribution Tool assists business controllers in making fast decisions and matching stocks to consumer’s demand, on shop level. Learn all about it in our video.


Intelligent retailing: how to optimize your stock on shop level

By: Marcel de Bruin
Delivering an unrivalled customer experience is not just a matter of enhancing your shop floor, it starts with making smarter choices in your business processes. The foundation of those decisions? It should be fueled by data intelligence.


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See how The Sting wants to increase sales and minimize redundant stock with a smart redistribution application. 


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