50 Customers in 50 Days

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Day 50: EPI-USE & Elephants, Rhinos & People

“Where we have a drone presence we reduce poaching to literally zero. We’re firmly committed to what we’re doing…and with SAP we can do it even better.” 

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Day 49: Pladis

“The key for me is speed to market, data, start embedding these new capabilities and inside traction for the business. It’s a great platform for growth for us.”

Day 48: Codestone & Tristel

“It gives us real time access to data and the operations taking place within those entities. We’re able to support them and work in a more collaborative manner.’’

Day 47: Zoosh Digital & SCITEC NUTRITION

“We have been able to provide an improved buying experience…achieving significant savings internally…in terms of time and resources.’’

Day 46: SumUp

“With SAP S/4HANA, we have removed a lot of manual processes. Now we have more time to better analyse the data and have more control than we did before.”

Day 45: Edenhouse & Warburtons

“SAP is at the core of our business…and that allows Warburtons to run smooth...we have a bit of a phobia for downtime.”

Day 44: Itelligence & Evergreen Garden Care

“Itelligence's approach demonstrated an accelerated deployment of SAP S/4HANA…we could achieve a 15 month implementation.”

Day 43: Opalwave & Farfetch

“Failure to transition key functions from our existing ERP system to SAP BPC before the flotation would have left us without a back-up and delayed the IPO.”

Day 42: Keytree & BP

“Working with Keytree and drawing on their expertise in SAP Cloud technology, proved invaluable to migrate a selection of apps to SAP Cloud Platform quickly and efficiently.”

Day 41: Codestone & Graff Diamonds

“All our processes, all of our controls, and the way we manage our business, is totally reliant on SAP Business One. We’re integrated as a business.”    

Day 40: Plan Ltd

“Our engagement with SAP…made a big impact on our digital transformation.”

Day 39: Agility Works & IATA

“We encourage our members to optimise their infrastructure to provide a safer and more efficient service for their customers. It is essential that we lead by example.”

Day 38: Itelligence & Addison Lee

“Reporting has improved dramatically and we now have confidence in the data we are sharing across the business. The project ran very smoothly thanks to the knowledge of the consultants at itelligence."

Day 37: Invenio & Universal Music Group

“Invenio are a reliable partner with an outstanding level of common sense and dedication…and a positive, customer focused can-do attitude."

Day 36: Delaware & GKN Aerospace

“With the support of our partner delaware, SAP SuccessFactors has provided a strong, scalable platform, capable of helping to deliver accelerated business expansion and evolving HR demands.”

Day 35: Lloyd's Register

“We like the flexibility of being able to take the processes but also adapt them to our actual needs…& users are able to see how their projects are performing.”

Day 34: TalenTeam & Surrey County Council

“It’s this level of capability that will transform us from being an implementer that pushes out learning to becoming a curator that pulls people in.”

Day 33: Delaware & Topcon Positioning Europe

“Delaware helped us be faster & smarter with the implementation and with the work processes we now have in our subsidiary locations.”

Day 32: Edenhouse & Kawasaki

“We are really happy to have Edenhouse as our strategic partner. Together we will create a more dynamic company through the transformation of our business processes.”

Day 31: Acuiti Labs & Tantalum

“The connected car services market will grow exponentially…with SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management underpinning our Pay.Car platform, we’re leading the way.”

Day 30: Sapphire Systems & Calvin Capital

“We’ve grown considerably in terms of revenue as well…without increasing our team.”

Day 29: Itelligence & IESA

“The key thing for the business is that it was non-disruptive. People came in on Tuesday and the world was no different.”

Day 28: Client Solutions & eir

"Client Solutions did a great job, they used the modern UX design principles within SAP Fiori to deliver an app which is role-based and provides a very effective and simple solution for all our users.”

Day 27: Ultra Finishing

“The outcome is higher sales and better customer retention. It allows us to enhance customer experience.”

Day 26: Keytree & Heineken

“Our experience with Keytree has been inspiring and has helped us move forward with the digitalisation of our processes.”

Day 25: TalenTeam & Permanent TSB

“It was our scariest moment when we realised that our vision might not be technically achievable. But TalenTeam kept going until they delivered what we wanted.”

Day 24: Seidor & ICR

“It’s been one of the best investments we’ve made… it’s helped us to change, evolve and professionalise our business.”

Day 23: ExceleratedS2P & Getronics

“Our employees couldn’t be happier. The process is easy for them and our company benefits from greater compliance & visibility into spend.”

Day 22: MHR Analytics & Admiral Group

“We’re giving managers access to real-time data… giving us useful insights to improve our business in the long term.” 

Day 21: Gauri & Arco

“We saved a significant amount of time, resource and money. The technology is absolutely crucial in making sure that customers keep coming back.”

Day 20: Edenhouse & Ocean Installer

“We couldn’t have asked for much more from an SAP project, which is testament to Edenhouse’s commitment and efforts throughout. Across the business, we now feel that we’re in a perfect position to make the most of the latest technologies and use them to drive our future growth and success.”

Day 19: TalenTeam & TT Electronics

“We believe technology is shaping the future of humanity - but it takes people doing and being their best to make it happen.”

Day 18: Hairspray

“SAPBusinessOne is transparent, it’s quick and it has just transformed our business.”

Day 17: AKT & Cellebrite

“With the ability to offer staff personalised development goals and fair rewards through SAP SuccessFactors solutions, we’re motivating our employees to become even more adept at building the cutting-edge technology that helps law enforcement keep criminals off the streets.”

Day 16: Keytree & Protecht

“We are committed to using the very best technology available in building a solution which will undoubtedly help to protect sportsmen and women from serious head health issues in the short, medium and long term."

Day 15: Sapphire Systems & Suzuki

“You need the right people with the right skills and more importantly you need the right systems.”

Day 14: Birchman Group & Omega

“It is about having the right partners, processes and systems to deliver what our customers need.”

Day 13: LiveArea & The Entertainer

“The increases in site speed, conversion and sales speak for themselves, but most importantly the improvements have allowed us to continue providing fun and fulfilling experiences for our customers.”

Day 12: Missguided

“We’re really getting a grip on cost through the supply chain and a much better view of what products are actually profitable.”

Day 11: Jigsaw Cloud & Paysafe

"SuccessFactors has helped us with high levels of engagement, the ability to onboard faster and more efficiently.”

Day 10: DSCallards & DPS

"This project has inspired and increased our customer confidence in our delivery excellence. The solution is assuring and deepening our relationships with key customers.” 

Day 9: Itelligence & Aspen Pumps

“With support and guidance from itelligence we have redesigned our core business processes, including supply chain management, production forecasting and sales order tracking; re-engineering them based on the best practices at the heart of SAP Business ByDesign."

Day 8: Syniti & Yell

“We knew we had to modernise our IT landscape to maintain our competitiveness. Our legacy SAP ECC 6.0 was aging, and to stay ahead we felt moving our UK data to SAP S/4HANA was the best way for us to become more real-time as a business, and more reactive to market desires.”

Day 7: Envoy Digital & Dreams

"What it can do and what it can do for the business, was infectious for us and important that you see a partner that's excited about a major investment put into the business."

Day 6: Absoft & Marshall Trailers

"We know that SAP and ADIMA have the ability to produce the ideal results for us, but without the support of Absoft, this would not have been the straightforward process we have experienced; that’s vital to us.”

Day 5: EPI-USE & Jardine Motors

“SuccessFactors has been hugely enlightening for the team and the business. We’ve achieved our cost saving benefits that we set out to do.”

Day 4: Tacit Knowledge & FitFlop

“We added top line revenue and profit to the business on the first day.”

Day 3: Codestone & Suffolk Libraries

"It does exactly what we want it to do, and it's adaptable...we designed the system how we wanted to use it."

Day 2: Edenhouse & Marstons

"We value our SAP partner as much as our investment in the tech itself – uniting our industry expertise with Edenhouse’s knowledge of the software is a winning combination. The roadmap we’ve been building together is helping us to clearly understand how operations are running and where we can drive efficiencies."

Day 1: Itelligence & Leeds Building Society

"The modern data platform project was part of ongoing improvements across our BI and information management solutions to enable the society to obtain even better customer insight. The ultimate objective was to help the society make better use of data to support improved decision making.”