SAP HANA Ranks as a Leader in the Forrester Translytical Data Platform Wave
Recognized as the first of its kind on Intel Optane DC persistent memory.
Intelligence, Agility, Efficiency: The Newest SAP HANA Innovations
In 2010, SAP introduced SAP HANA to the market as the first data platform to deliver real-time analytics on live transactions. SAP HANA continues to provide, to more than 30,000 customers, speed and simplicity they need to harness the value of their data assets.
Intel and SAP Go Big: Here’s What You Need to Know
Intel and SAP announced a multi-year technology partnership focused on optimizing Intel’s platforms, including Intel Xeon Scalable processors and Intel Optane DC persistent memory, for end-to-end SAP enterprise software applications, including SAP S/4HANA.
Greater Efficiency
Leverage low-cost memory to deliver real-time performance and enable system consolidation. Power your new and existing applications transparently with confidence. 
Increased Business Agility
Persist data in memory working seamlessly with system replication, data-tiering, and multitenant environments. Support Intel Optane DC persistent memory on all available configurations.
Increase Flexibility and Decrease System Downtime
Offer breath of deployment choices in the cloud and on premises.
Deliver up to 17x faster data load at startup and enable faster return to operations after maintenance.
Optimize SAP HANA Performance and Balance Data Storage Costs with a Robust Data Tiering Strategy

SAP HANA provides comprehensive data tiering capabilities to help you strike the right balance managing performance, cost, & data volume. This solution brief helps you choose the right capability for your SAP HANA use case. It introduces the latest innovations: SAP HANA native storage extension and support for Intel Optane DC persistent memory.

Maximize Business Value with SAP and Intel

SAP and Intel are helping IT departments drive business continuity, savings, and a better experience for end-users. SAP HANA and Intel Optane persistent memory provide IT departments with a powerful tool to help process and store the growing amount of data accumulating within their organization to provide real-time access to critical data and insights.

Persistent Memory: The Keystone to Fast Data Access at Scale with a Lower TCO

SAP HANA is the first major database to be optimized for the full potential of this technology. We believe the combination of SAP HANA and Intel Optane DC persistent memory can be transformational for our customers who increasingly depend on real-time insights from growing data sets to steer their business to success.

Intel and SAP HANA: Leading In-Memory Database Innovation

Together, SAP and Intel are leading in-memory database innovations with SAP HANA and Intel Optane persistent memory. SAP and Intel can help improve business continuity, provide faster insights, offer flexible deployment options, and simplify administration and savings.

4 Key Elements to Any Data Strategy

SAP and Intel are helping companies create business value from untapped data by delivering a portfolio of data-centric hardware and software solutions. Intel is a perfect addition to SAP's unified data and analytics portfolio as you can move, store, process, and secure data faster.

Visit the Intel Optane DC persistent memory Webpage

Intel Optane DC persistent memory represents a groundbreaking technology innovation. Delivered with all new 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, this workload optimized technology will help businesses extract more actionable insights from data – from cloud and databases, to in-memory analytics, and content delivery networks.

What's in your Analytics Briefcase


Get more value from your data with Intel Optane DC persistent memory and SAP HANA extension nodes. View the infographic to learn more.

Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory and SAP HANA Platform Configuration”


Technology overview and deployment guidelines for using SAP HANA with Intel Optane DC persistent memory.

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