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The SAP Institute for Digital Government (SIDG) is a think tank that aims to create value for government by leveraging digital capability to meet the needs of citizens and consumers of government services.

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SAP Innovation Awards 2018: Winner Queensland Office of State Revenue

Providing improved taxpayer services that are insight-driven, proactive and personalised

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Payment Utility Platform disbursing 100% of pensions to Australians


SAP Innovation Awards 2019: Winner State of Arkansas

Reducing Prison Recidivism through Data Science on SAP HANA

From our point of view

As thought leaders we tackle the complex problems through digital technologies to help keep digital government simple for the future.

Defining digital government

The Institute defines digital government as the production and access to data, services and content, sourced and distributed across the digital ecosystem, to create public value (derived from the OECD definition of digital government).

Our Partners

We are delighted to partner with the SAP Institute for Digital Government on researching important issues relating to use of digital technology in the public sector. We have depth of expertise in data analytics, digital support for decision making and complex service delivery that we will harness for this collaboration with SAP as it works to support the development of digital government processes relating to social protection.

Professor Shirley Gregor, Associate Dean (Research) of the ANU College of Business and Economics

It is impressive to see the launch of a think tank with a focus on how digital innovation can transform social protection. Public social services organisations are under continuing pressure to deliver efficient and effective services in rapidly changing social and economic conditions. We look forward to collaborating with the Institute in areas of interest to our broad membership base across Europe.

John Halloran, Chief Executive, ESN, UK

Social security requires increasingly innovative digital solutions to provide effective and quality services to citizens. The ISSA is therefore pleased to be associated with the launch of the SAP Institute for Digital Government and looks forward to collaboration for excellence in the analysis and delivery of social security.

Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, Secretary General, International Social Security Association, Geneva

Seoul Digital Foundation(SDF)
"It is important to build infrastructure to solve citizen-led urban issues. We are happy to work together with SIDG Korea to solve city problems and foster digital industries in Seoul. "
SDF Chairman Lee Chi-hyeong

Seoul Business Agency(SBA)
“In the Industry 4.0 era, the SBA is pleased to be partner with the SIDG Korea and looks forward to collaborating in digital transformation of Seoul-based Startups and SMEs.”
Harrison Lim, Director General of SBA

MAY 2018 Virtual
European Social Services Conference

We’re participating in the European Social Network’s annual conference and running a workshop on “Responsive Social Services: What does it mean to be ‘responsive’ in the new normal?”.

JUNE 2020 Virtual - 5 days | 9:00 – 11:00 AEST

With 5 streams split over 5 days, hear how forward-thinking government departments and agencies explore how they look at old problems in new ways and streamline service delivery for citizens.

JUNE 2020 Virtual – 17 June | 10:00 AEST
Measuring the customer experience in the new normal

In this new reality means government departments need to act quickly, rapidly evolving customer expectations, and identify the actions they can take to improve the experiences they deliver.

JUNE 2020 Virtual – 23 June | 13:00 AEST
A Roadmap to Responsive Government

The interaction between citizens and the state is a crucial factor in determining the level of trust in government. By combining trusted government with agile operations delivers a responsive government enhancing service delivery and policy outcomes.