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SaaS by Telesto TMS powered by SAP

Find out how USTRANSCOM is moving supplies and equipment with a Transportation Management System (TMS) built on SAP cloud services and software-as-a-service (SaaS) with military-specific functions by Telesto.


User Profiles/TMS in Action
See how the Army, Navy, Air Force, and more are using USTRANSCOM TMS to facilitate transportation from warehouse to warfighter.
New Shipping System Speeds Booking Times for AAFES

Discover how the Exchange cuts the time to book shipments overseas by one-fifth with better data integration in TMS.

Fort McCoy Tests “One-Stop Shop” Logistics System

Explore how TMS simplifies logistics for Army transports with a single system and in-transit visibility.

TMS Prototype Passing Army and SDDC Tests

Read how USTRANSCOM is providing the Army and SDDC an end-to-end picture across the transportation pipeline that is improving communication among all stakeholders.

NAVSUP Supports Global Transport with TMS Off-the-Shelf Software

Find out how TMS helps NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Pearl Harbor load 1,462 pieces of Army equipment and cargo into a vehicle cargo ship.

Top Stories and Headlines
Find out the latest reports and recent activities in transportation management for the DoD.
Lessons Learned from DoD’s Transportation Management Systems Consolidation

When making complicated transit moves, more is not necessarily better. Check out some key takeaways from USTRANSCOM’s TMS prototype project, as reported in GCN.

Operational Innovation at the DoD

Using agile development USTRANSCOM is shrinking 75-plus disconnected systems to a single, SaaS TMS. Find out how the U.S. military is improving logistics, auditability, and visibility across the Joint Force Command.

Assistant Secretary Affirms TMS Is “Absolutely” Working

With transportation management changes underway, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment Hon. Robert H. McMahon explains the positive progress happening with integration and auditability. “We will be in great shape as we continue to evolve and I think it’s worth the energy we are putting in today to demonstrate what the art of possible is.”

Who is the FedEx of the U.S. Military?

USTRANSCOM moves everything from food and uniforms to tanks and vehicles – every minute of every day. Find out how Telesto and SAP are helping them improve transportation management.

USTRANSCOM’s TMS is rapidly improving and expanding. Explore what USTRANSCOM, SAP, and Telesto have accomplished and see what’s planned for 2020.


Project Visionaries
Meet the leaders behind the innovative TMS and find out why now is the time for operational changes.


Matson On Board for Innovative TMS Prototype

Mike Garvin, Director of Government Services for Matson, discusses how standardization and change management impacts the ocean carrier’s cargo movements with USTRANSCOM.

DoD TMS: Prototyping Progress

Raymond Casher, who previously served at USTRANSCOM as the Acquisitions Program Manager for the TMS project, looks at the financial and operational advantages of a commercial TMS.

Getting Results through Speed, Change, and Collaboration

Soren Hastrup, Telesto Group CEO, has been at the helm of developing and deploying the new transportation management system (TMS) at USTRANSCOM from the project’s start. He explains how the integrated, multimodal TMS is “shaking the system” with improved visibility, auditability, and security.

Transportation Logistics on a Global Stage

With both a military and software background, Dan Miller, Solutions Architect for SAP, understands the global transportation challenges USTRANSCOM faces and the functionalities of an advanced, COTS solution with military-specific capabilities. 

Partner and Technology
Telesto, SAP, and NS2 are working together to create the most advanced, agile, and war-ready transportation system.


Transportation Co-Innovation with SAP

In-depth insight to SAP’s transportation industry co-innovations that include Demand Forecasting for Rail Transport, Sales Forecasting, Container Flow Optimization and more.

SAP Transportation Management

Reduce transportation complexity dramatically by integrating fleet and logistics management throughout your network.

Simplify and Optimize with SAP Transportation Management

Optimize logistics processes and improve service while increasing visibility and control. The SAP Transportation Management application streamlines processes for goods movement across transportation modes.

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