SAP Distributed Manufacturing Early Access Beta companies


We work with leaders in the industry – names you might recognize. They are already part of the 3D printing revolution – now it’s your turn.


Join the 3D printing revolution

SAP and UPS are leading the way with their Distributed Manufacturing solution, a critical component that enables Fast Radius to realize its vision of a globally distributed network for on-demand manufacturing.

Rick Smith, Co-Founder and CEO, Fast Radius

Moog is very excited to join this vision of an on-demand manufacturing network. We see a real opportunity to power through the "digital" and "3D printing" hype cycle and engage with demanding customers for high performance, authentic, additive manufactured parts and products.

Gonzalo J. Rey, Chief Technology Officer, Moog Inc.

SAP and Stratasys share a common vision of the value additive manufacturing can bring to supply chains. To harness that value fully requires seamless integration with enterprise workflows for design, certification, planning and procurement. By participating in this initiative we are able to combine SAP’s leadership in these areas with Stratasys 3D printing solutions and services. We’re looking forward to this next phase and driving the innovation further with the co-innovation customers.

Pat Carey, Senior Vice President, Sales – North America, Stratasys

The ability to 3D print all the possible components of an A350 aircraft could reduce the weight of it by nearly a ton. On-demand 3D printing cloud service from SAP can help us to develop our vision for distributed, on demand production of aerospace components and still meet the high quality standards necessary to make it fly.

Joachim Zettler, CEO, Airbus APWorks

The successful transition of 3D printing from prototyping to manufacturing requires integration with business IT systems. HP understands the importance of end-to-end integration to maximize efficiency and technology adoption and is joining the SAP co-innovation program to help bring this to life. Powered by HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, HP delivers a manufacturing-ready solution for end-part production as well as an open software platform to connect to business IT systems. With leadership from SAP and collaboration with other innovators in the industry, 3D printing will more quickly move into mainstream manufacturing and streamline supply chains.

Scott Schiller, Vice President, 3D Market Development, HP