How 3D Printing Is Helping Jabil Stay Ahead Of Competitors
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SAP Offers Growing Ecosystem for 3D Printing Innovation with SAP Distributed Manufacturing
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Explore the Potential of 3D Printing at SAPPHIRE NOW 2017

With the SAP Distributed Manufacturing solution from SAP and UPS, companies can efficiently handle variable customer demands and compress manufacturing cycles. By analyzing inventory, SAP can help customers identify which components of their products are best suited for 3D printing and help find the right partners for printing. The result is a new level of supply chain agility to meet fast-changing customer needs.

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SAP Distributed Manufacturing High Level Overview
SAP Distributed Manufacturing – Powered by SAP Leonardo
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Hear from top executives how 3D printing will revolutionize manufacturing

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See 3D printing in action

On-Demand Manufacturing, with United Parcel Service / Fast Radius/ SAP Leonardo

Researchers expect 3D printing to be a $21 billion dollar market by 2020 (*Wohlers Associates 2016). That will transform the manufacturing industry: supply chains will be activated on demand, and companies can reduce parts inventory and more quickly create new parts to save money. See how an unprecedented collaboration between SAP Leonardo, United Parcel Service and Fast Radius is already delivering on-demand manufacturing.

Manufacturers in all industries must adapt and grow their business to meet today’s ever-changing customer demands – without being constrained by an inflexible supply chain or traditional manufacturing approaches. With the SAP Distributed Manufacturing solution from SAP and UPS, you can efficiently handle variable customer demands and compress your manufacturing cycles.

Machine goes down at the worst time? See how UPS 3D Printing Solutions can print the part you need.

Alan Amling, UPS VP of Strategy received the Innovator's Award at SAP Ariba Live on March 22, 2017. Starting in 2015, UPS has collaborated & co-innovated with SAP/Ariba on establishing a standard business process for Industrial 3D Printing and delivering on the vision of Manufacturing As A Service. Alan Amling led this effort at UPS and SAP is delighted to award Alan this innovation award for UPS' ongoing partnership and co-innovation with SAP.

Key benefits
Cost-effectiveness of small production and prototype runs 
Production consistency with high-quality, low-cost certified parts
Reimagine product design made possible with 3D printing
Access to 3D printing to customers who have currently not invested in the technology
Significantly with a reduction in parts inventory
Faster than ever before – even within a day

Next revolution in industrial manufacturing

Find out how companies are applying 3D printing, and which industries have the highest adoption rates.


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Learn how our distributed manufacturing solution can help you optimize your manufacturing and logistics processes and create better business models.

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Hear what industry leaders have to say about how 3D printing will change manufacturing in this video from Supply Chain Brain.

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Industry use cases

As 3D printing becomes more accessible on a wider scale, companies across a diverse range of industries stand to benefit

Reimagine product design

SAP and UPS are delivering distributed manufacturing innovations with their new 3D printing initiative.

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See how SAP and APWorks are reinventing the supply chain – from the production floor to the customer’s door.

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Digitization, approval, production

Three focus areas to help you go beyond prototyping
Assessment and Digitization
  • Quickly analyze suitability of parts for 3D printing 



  • Enable digitization of existing parts into 3D-printable files and connectivity to backend systems
Collaboration and approval
  • Collaborate with 3D printing partners to identify suitable materials, machines, rotations and post-processing steps 


  • Approve 3D printed parts and develop detailed printing and quality control instructions
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Distributed manufacturing production


  • Optimize supply chain and manufacturing processes by leveraging the flexibility of 3D-printable approved parts


  • Improve business efficiencies by leveraging SAP business networks and UPS logistics expertise

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SAP Offers Growing Ecosystem for 3D Printing Innovation with SAP Distributed Manufacturing
Learn more, read the press release