Spotlight Black

SAP is using our platform to elevate,
promote and support small Black-owned businesses,
impacted by the pandemic and the ongoing
social justice movement.



Learn about and support the different businesses
featured in SAP's Spotlight Black Businesses program



Driving Change by Taking Action
With many small businesses struggling during the pandemic, the Coronavirus is disproportionately impacting Black-owned businesses. As we embrace our long-term commitment to standing against racism as a company, SAP's Spotlight Black Businesses allocates time on our social media channels, and this website to promote these businesses in our communities.
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Spotlight on Black Businesses at SAP
An important movement for racial justice comes to life during a pandemic. Rarely do such world-changing events happen simultaneously, and when they do, it’s important to consider – and act – in part by thinking about some of the ways in which the two issues collide.
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