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SAP Universal ID
SAP Universal ID Introduction Video
Watch this video to get an overview of our vision of SAP Universal ID.
This video gives you an introduction what SAP Universal ID is.
An Overview
Our challenge
With SAP's system landscape growing over the years, we acknowledge that user experience across our products and services has become fragmented and challenging at times. Switching between platforms and applications can be a tiring and time-consuming process as it may require multiple logins and passwords.
Our goal
To provide a better user experience supported by a centralized user management system, we will make it simpler for our customers and partners to log in, access, and use our products and services.
Our strategy
We are creating SAP Universal ID – a single user login and profile. With SAP Universal ID, our customers will have more control over their own profiles and will be able to log in once to gain access to all of their authorized SAP platforms and applications.
SAP Universal ID is a free service offered by SAP which requires no software installation. It will be integrated into the authentication processes of each individual platform. 
Our plan
SAP Universal ID launched in late 2019 starting with SAP for Me. From there on, we are sequentially onboarding all other SAP platforms and applications in the coming months.
Our vision
Our vision is to enable a centralized user management concept that supports a unified login experience and one authorization concept across all SAP platforms.
The Benefits of SAP Universal ID

SAP Universal ID will benefit everyone who does business using SAP platforms and applications. Whether you are an individual user who needs to access SAP software, or a business administering multiple SAP users, here are some ways in which SAP Universal ID will make your life easier.

Greater account control available to everyone:

  • Use only one username and one password to login across all plattforms and applications.
  • Switch easily between your accounts.
  • Control the information that gets shared with SAP and download and delete your user information on demand.
  • Manage all your accounts associated with multiple companies.

More efficient user management processes available to customers and partners:

  • Invite employees to associate with your business by simply sending a link.
  • Enjoy the user management self-service, featuring an enhanced user overview and the functionality to remove associations.
Technical Implementation
SAP Universal ID is being implemented using both SAP Customer Data Cloud and SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication Service to cover all authentication scenarios needed by the diversity of SAP users.

SAP Customer Data Cloud, formerly known as Gigya, is the market leader in Consumer Identity Access Management. It was acquired by SAP in October 2017 and is now part of the wider SAP Customer Experience suite.
SAP Cloud Platform offers identity and access management services as the foundation for business-to-employee scenarios.