SAP Universal ID is now live! Customers and partners can now sign-up for their free SAP Universal IDs to use on designated SAP platforms
Create your Universal ID

SAP Universal ID is a unified profile across SAP platforms that puts YOU in control,

by allowing you to link all your existing S/P-users under one login

and switch between them as needed.


Take 2 minutes today to create your SAP Universal ID.

Create your Universal ID
The Benefits of SAP Universal ID
Take control
You will be able to manage your own SAP profile.
One profile
You will have one profile and one seamless user experience across all SAP platforms and applications, starting with pilot service providers in 2019.


Goes where you go

No matter where you work, your profile will remain with you throughout the duration of your career.

How to create your SAP Universal ID

Watch this short video and then create your unique login!