SAP Universal ID is now live for our customers and partners on many SAP platforms.
Create your own Universal ID
SAP Universal ID
SAP Universal ID is currently offered as a BETA version. Following its initial introduction, we will enhance the solution regularly by adding new and exciting features.
Your feedback is important to us and we are continuously incorporating it to ensure we are right on track to meet your needs.
Please help us improve and provide your feedback through the “Contact Us” section on this webpage.
Features offered by SAP Universal ID BETA version:
  • Create your personal SAP Universal ID either directly via Universal ID link or via the intuitive SAP for ME portal.
  • Link all your existing S-User accounts to your SAP Universal ID. 
  • Get an overview of your personal information and your data specific to a SAP platform.
  • Access SAP One Support Launchpad and other platforms from your SAP for Me profile at the click of a button.
The Benefits of SAP Universal ID
Take control
You will be able to manage your own SAP profile.
One profile
You will have one profile and one seamless user experience across all SAP platforms and applications, starting with pilot service providers in 2019.


Goes where you go

No matter where you work, your profile will remain with you throughout the duration of your career.

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