SAP Universal ID


SAP Universal ID supports over 500 SAP sites including, SAP for Me, SAP Community, ONE Support Launchpad, SAP Support Portal, SAP Learning Hub and SAP Partner Portal.


The enablement of SAP Universal ID on SAP sites will happen in two phases. The first phase is conditional integration, where you may use your S/P-user ID(s) or your SAP Universal ID to log in.


The second phase delivers enhanced integration. Accessing a site with enhanced integration is only possible with your SAP Universal ID login credentials. S/P-user ID login is not supported for enhanced integration.


As sites begin to support enhanced SAP Universal ID integration, users will be required to migrate their existing S-/ and P-users. All new S-users must then be associated with an SAP Universal ID. With enhanced integration, switching between S/P-users is a simple process, available in the Account Selector, with no need to logoff and login. 


Enhanced integration is available today for Built-in Support, and will be the next site to be enabled.