SAP Universal ID: Roadmap

In 2017, SAP embarked in a program called SAP Universal ID. The purpose of the program is to improve the overall user experience when an individual connects to any of the SAP services.

Previously, a roadmap was established and shared with the user community that outlined an aggressive approach to convert SAP’s existing user identity environment where one individual may have a single or multiple IDs to one, unified login.
As SAP followed the roadmap, the complexity to support the conversion to the SAP Universal ID system was much greater than anticipated. In order to simplify, SAP had to revamp the approach by taking a more methodical path to ensure capabilities are delivered while not impacting the user experience. As a result, a revised roadmap has been provided. 

The key difference is SAP plans to align much closer with its user communities by adopting user feedback after individuals use the BETA version and future releases of Universal ID. SAP wants to ensure that for future capabilities, your feedback is considered.

The only way SAP can improve the user login experience is working very closely with you together in order to defeat complexity.