SAP Universal ID


SAP Universal ID currently supports the sites below.  In the future, all SAP sites will be included.


Enabling SAP Universal ID on an SAP site happens in two phases. The first phase is the conditional login, where one can use an S/P-user ID(s) or the SAP Universal ID credentials to log in. The second phase is native integration, where the authentication relies only on the SAP Universal ID credentials.  Once a site is natively integrated, the S/P-user ID(s) credentials will no longer be accepted.


All the sites below are in the first phase. SAP for Me will be the first site to support native integration of SAP Universal ID.


We frequently add new sites to this page. Stay tuned for more updates!

SAP sites currently supporting SAP Universal ID
SAP sites that will be supported later in 2021 by SAP Universal ID
  • Cloud Trial Framework
  • SAP Partner Finder
  • Ariba Developer Portal