Why WorkConnect?


See how we’ll bring hiring zen to the chaos

of recruiting. WorkConnect is designed to

make your hiring life stress-free by simplifying

candidate tracking and making it easy to

collaborate on team feedback.

Features designed to help
calm the recruitment chaos
Consolidate coworker feedback

Collaboration is easy: view coworker ratings and feedback on each candidate’s profile page.

Manage your candidates

Powerful applicant tracking features let you and your team manage candidates through your hiring pipeline in real-time.

Post to multiple boards

Save time by avoiding the need to find and post to different job boards. WorkConnect does it in one click!

Get up to speed in minutes

No training required. You and your coworkers can easily start simplifying your hiring processes.

Buy and use easily


Unlike other recruiting tools, WorkConnect features transparent pricing and a simple online buying process.

Improve your recruiting game

WorkConnect Recruiting HQ offers research reports and other tips and tricks to simplify hiring even more.

Post to multiple job boards at once.

With WorkConnect you only need to post a job once. Without any extra work, it'll be seen on multiple job boards and can be easily shared on social networks.


Posting jobs and managing hires with 
ease starts at just $27/month.